Water Purification


Aquatec’s 3-chamber and 5-chamber pumps are used for a variety of water applications including pressure boosting, delivery, and transfer. They are commonly used either to pressurize water from an atmospheric tank, to deliver purified water to a specific point of use, or simply to increase pressure when required. Most models are designed for intermittent duty, although some models are rated for continuous operation. Aquatec offers a variety of NSF approved component materials for drinking water applications.



3300 Series 24VDC 4.5 LPM
550 Series 24VDC 3.5 GPM
550 Series 115VAC 2.75 GPM
550 Series 115VAC 4.9 GPM
550 Series Aquajet Variable Speed 115VAC 4.5 GPM
5300 Series 24VDC 6.00 LPM
5800 Series Aquajet Variable Speed
5800 Series 24VDC 1.12 GPM
5800 Series 115VAC 1.1 GPM
6800 Series 24VAC 0.9 LPM
5800 Series 24VAC 4.2 LPM
8800 Series 24VAC 2.6 LPM
Permeate Pump ERP500 & ERP1000



Typical Applications



Pressure Boosting

Point-of-Use Delivery

RO Boost

Lab Water

Water Transfer

Industrial Use Water

Food Service Ingredient Water