Aquatec SWP submersible pumps are designed to supply water in off-grid locations for homes, irrigation, livestock, ponds, and many other applications. The SWP-4000 4" and SWP-6000 6” positive-displacement submersible deep well diaphragm pumps are constructed with high-grade materials that are all potable water safe. The SWP pumps are designed to operate from any 12-30 VDC power source, including 60 cell modules or 72 cell modules or arrays (using a controller to limit the voltage input to the pump to 30Vdc maximum), or 12VDC or 24VDC battery banks.

The Aquatec 550 series provides pressurized water in remote off-grid locations where 12 VDC or 24 VDC power is available. They have a longer life and greater flow rate than other diaphragm booster pumps and they use less than half the energy consumed by an AC jet pump. The 115 VAC model can be used on remote power systems with inverters. Aquatec's 550 series booster pumps deliver flow rates up to 5.0 gpm and pressure up to 60 psi. Most models are designed for intermittent duty, although some models are rated for continuous operation. They are commonly used to pressurize water from an atmospheric tank, to deliver purified water to a specific point of use, or simply to increase pressure when required. The optional strainer is highly recommended to keep debris out of the pump and thereby prolong diaphragm life. Aquatec offers a variety of NSF approved component materials for drinking water applications.



550 Series 12VDC 4.0 GPM
550 Series 12VDC 5.3 GPM
550 Series 24VDC 3.5 GPM
550 Series 24VDC 5.15 GPM
550 Series 115VAC 5.5 GPM
550 Series 230VAC 3.6 GPM
APC-30-250 Solar Controller
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Typical Applications



Livestock Water Supply

Deep Well Pumping

Off-Grid Water Source