Road Maintenance


Aquatec’s 3-chamber and 5-chamber diaphragm pumps are used for a variety of road maintenance fluid applications including concrete polishing and conditioning, de-icing, paving and construction, and street sweeping. Most models are designed for intermittent duty, although some models are rated for continuous operation. Aquatec offers a variety of chemically compatible materials which allow pumping of diluted and non-diluted fluids.



550 Series 12VDC 4.0 GPM
550 Series 12VDC 5.3 GPM
550 Series 24VDC 3.5 GPM
550 Series 24VDC 5.15 GPM
5800 Series 12VDC 1.5 GPM
5800 Series 24VDC 1.12 GPM
7800 Series 12VDC 1.5 GPM


Typical Applications

Concrete Polishing and Conditioning


Paving and Construction

Street Sweepers